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DW News
How the pandemic affects the mental health of young people.
FE Week
FE explores why mental health is on the rise in the further education sector and what can be done about it.
Dr Daisy Fancourt: The Psychological and Social Impact of Covid-19
Webinar: How coronavirus changed us
The Conversation: A Panelist Discussion, 11 March
Cabinet Office - Covid-19 Response
Guidance - Covid-19 Response, Spring 2021
Deep Breath In - podcast for GPs
Mental health toll of lockdown
The Conversation viewpoint
We asked 70,000 people how coronavirus affected them – what they told us revealed a lot about inequality in the UK
Pandemic coping strategies
What helped the UK cope with the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns?
Womanthology blog
Something you can do to help tackle inequalities exacerbated by the pandemic: Share your experiences – Cheryl Lloyd, Programme Head, Education at the Nuffield Foundation
Guardian Opinion
People started breaking Covid rules when they saw those with privilege ignore them
Public Health England
COVID-19: mental health and wellbeing surveillance report
World after Covid
The world’s leading behavioral and social scientists share their thoughts on what effects the COVID-19 pandemic will have on our societies, to shed light on the possible long-term impact of the pandemic; not only challenges but also opportunities to better the human condition in the world after Covid. Dr Daisy Fancourt contributes.
Green prescribing for wellbeing
Is green prescribing the answer to improving wellbeing post-COVID-19?
Cultural Institute - Beyond Measure
In November 2020, Dr Daisy Fancourt, leading arts and health researcher based at UCL, joined an online conversation with Darren Henley, Chief Executive Arts Council England, as part of the Beyond Measure conference at the University of Leeds
Newsnight - The Science of Covid
The science of Covid: Who’s right and who’s wrong?
APPG on Wellbeing Economics
How has Covid-19 impacted on wellbeing in the UK?
Naked Scientists Blog
Covid-19 Social Study update
How are we feeling 6 months on?
Campaign for Social Science
Tracking the psychological and social waves of the pandemic: the COVID-19 Social Study
Nuffield Foundation webinar
Well-being in a pandemic: exploring the mental health impact of COVID-19
UK Parliament
Life beyond COVID-19: What are experts concerned about?
Loneliness and social distancing
Loneliness in the time of social distancing
Covid-19 and mental health briefing
How has COVID-10 and the associated lockdown measures affected mental health and wellbeing in the UK?
UCL Seminar: Dr Database
Dr Database: health surveillance in the shadow of COVID-19
Naked Scientists Blog
Mental health during COVID-19
BMJ Opinion
What Works Wellbeing
New research on emotional wellbeing impacts of COVID-19
Mental health impact of COVID-19
Why we need high-quality longitudinal studies
Covid-19 and loneliness briefing
How has Covid-19 and associated lockdown measures affected loneliness in the UK?
APPG on Arts, Health & Wellbeing
How can the arts and creativity support people who are shielding and vulnerable during Covid-19?
Compassion in Politics
Dr Daisy Fancourt: What do we know about the public's mental health and wellbeing during Covid?
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